Here are a few more of my reactions to this excellent teaching book, Unshakeable, by Angela Watson, which you can check out here.

Day 5 – Go the extra mile for families (but don’t take forever to get there) :

  • I like to try to send a positive email out early in the year before I have to make contact for a negative reason.  Doesn’t always happen, but it pays big dividends later when I can get this done early on.
  • I live where I teach, so I am at most of the community events.  As I’ve said previously, it is usually a wonderful relationship-builder seeing my MS & HS students and families out and about.  And even when I didn’t live where I teach–I made it a point to go to holiday concerts and townwide festivals.  Parents want to know you are invested in the community where they are raising their children.

Forget Game of Thrones, or Orange is the New Black, I have been “binge-listening” to Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers podcast.  I am just about through “Season 1,” and it has prompted me to seek out other positive podcasts, like Every Classroom Matters with Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis.  I’m hunting for more…

I appreciate filling my head and heart with good vibes and constructive strategies for working smarter and more passionately!