I found out about it via Twitter.  This is the first book I’ve read by Angela Watson, and I am impressed with her positive voice.  Here are my thoughts for each day so far:

Day 1 – Ch. 1 – Share your authentic self to bring passion and energy to your teaching – Early in my career I swore I would never live where I teach.  But then life happened and now I live in the small town where I teach.  I run into students  and parents every day.  They see that we’re all pretty much just people, and this shows in the rapport we develop in school.  Swore I’d never do it, but 99% of the time I am grateful that I live and work here.

Day 2 – Ch. 2 – Allocate your time and energy wisely through productive routines – I have gained ideas from my book study peers have ideas that will help shave time off some tasks:) I see from our online discussions that I am not alone in looking for strategies to work smarter.

Day 3 – Ch. 3 – Establish healthy habits for bringing work home and decompressing – With two children that need frequent taxi service to sports, scouts, clubs, etc., I always complete as much as I can at school, because once I’m done chauffeuring, it’s late, and my tank is running close to empty.

Day 4 – Ch. 4 – Determine how to do what matters most and let go of the rest -I want to DO ALL THE THINGS.  I am active in my community and I have begun in the last few years to SAY NO.  I’m still working on this one.